Storytellers Ink

New Author & Illustrator FAQ's

Dear Prospective Authors and Illustrators:

Submissions are gladly accepted under the following conditions.

We do not return unsolicited manuscripts and art samples, so please do not send originals.

We will review all materials received and will keep on file those submissions we find have potential for future publication at Storytellers Ink.

Contact with you will be made should we be interested in publishing your work. You may contact us, but if we have not contacted you, we have not decided to produce your book. 

Submissions must be appropriate for children, aged 0-13. We are interested in charming stories which include character-driven values or principles, that may be discernible to adults, but are "shown" and not "told" to children.  

Submissions may be sent to:

Quinn Currie

Storytellers Ink

P.O. Box 33398

Seattle, WA 98133-0398

Thank you for your interest in Storytellers Ink.

Quinn Currie